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Revills shoe shop
Revills shoe shop
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EDITOR’S COMMENT: By Jeremy Ransome

A couple of articles in today’s Spalding Guardian led me to start thinking about the importance of local, independent shops.

As a resident of Lutton, I am delighted to see that a new butcher’s is open nearby in Long Sutton, but, equally, as a worker based in The Crescent, I am sad to see that the team behind Revills shoe shop in nearby Francis Street are retiring.

Shops such as these are so important and help customers in so many ways, day in, day out. Just last week, I was planning a barbecue and so visited Adams in Spalding, where the butcher not only sold me four pounds of tasty sausages but also told me how long they’re best left in the fridge for maximum flavour (three to four days from fresh) and which ones were best for cooking over charcoal.

I’ve had the same great personal service in many of our independent South Holland shops, from the assistant in D&M Sports in Spalding helping me buy the right equipment for my children to the knowledgeable stff at Parkway hardware store in Long Sutton, where you can still buy a single nail.

Conversely, I recently visited a large sports chain in another town, on the lookout for some new running shoes.

Although this shop had an abundance of trainers on its shelves, its staff were mostly weekend workers and students and, polite as they were, they really couldn’t send me in the right direction as far as my purchase was required.

Please support your independent shops, take advantage of their wonderful knowledge and help keep them trading for years to come.