Spalding Academy on the way to ‘Good rating’

Editor Jeremy Ransome
Editor Jeremy Ransome
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EDITOR’S COMMENT: By Jeremy Ransome

What very good news that Ofsted has given Spalding Academy a clean slate, so it can now be judged on progress made since being taken over by South Lincolnshire Academies Trust (SLAT) and not be tainted by previous failings. (Page 3)

I am sure that when Ofsted next pay a visit to Spalding Academy, they will be visiting a “Good” school.

The decision to rid the former Sir John Gleed School of its special measures rating and mark it in future on progress and results made as Spalding Academy is definitely the right one.

Its “inadequate” grading came just seven weeks after being taken over by SLAT and effectively was a judgement on the previous regime.

The former head teacher was very popular with parents and pupils alike, but it was considered that pupils were not making enough progress and so changes were made after he decided to leave.

Some parents have complained on social media about certain rules laid down by the new regime and I am sure there are things being introduced that are not proving popular with all.

However, I think everyone can agree that Spalding Academy students now match their counterparts at Spalding High School and Spalding Grammar for smartness and neatness – the new uniforms look great.

And the Year 7 pupil numbers for September also suggest Spalding-area parents are no longer looking to send their 11-year-olds to University Academy Holbeach or Bourne Academy should they not pass their 11-plus.

It took 1,000 years to build Ancient Rome, but knowing the excellent job done in recent years at Bourne Aacdemy by SLAT, I am sure that when Ofsted next pay a visit to Spalding Academy, they will be visiting a “Good” school.

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