Should I stay or should I go?

Nearly time to vote
Nearly time to vote
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So, I don’t know about you but I am pretty fed up with the arguments flying back and forth with regards to the EU referendum. It seems that every new day, there is another headline about the merit of staying in or out, with some kind of negative threat or impact if we decide either way.

When I first heard about the referendum, I pretty much decided straight away – I am quite risk averse; my idea of a risky move is like the time I chose something new to eat in a posh restaurant...unfortunately, it was lobster thermidore, the most expensive dish on the menu, which after one bite, I knew I wouldn’t be eating; costly as well as embarrassing.

It seemed to me that to vote to leave would be too risky, stepping into the unknown, so I was going to vote to remain, better the devil you know, and all that.

However, I didn’t feel comfortable about this, particularly when I kept hearing that this was a monumental decision we were making and how it could change Britain as we know it and so suddenly,I was thinking, I really need to look at both sides of this. The clock was ticking, the decision day nearly upon us.

I feel like I’ve been told about an exam that I have to take, but I’m only allowed to revise for it by trawling through odd bits of information to get to the facts ; like trying to complete my science homework as a kid using my Dad’s encyclopedias, hoping that the question would be about the latin name of a local wildflower.

It seems that we cannot trust what the politicians say on either side; they are, after all, human and whenever anybody wants our vote, they will say what they think we want to hear.

Immigration issues, financial and political stability, the NHS, the free movement of people, even our reputation as a great country is on the line and I swing from one day thinking “In” to the next day thinking “Out”, repeating the cycle until I feel like I’ve got stuck in a nightmare of an eternal Hokey Cokey...what is it all about?

I have seen lots on Facebook and Twitter about Brexit, people sharing posts with some not so valid reasons for leaving and it has made me wonder if they have actually looked at both sides of the story, or just seen something they like and clicked “Share”.

The press of a button; it just seems a bit too easy for such a monumental decision.

I want to be certain that what I decide on the 23rd June is based on the knowledge that I have discovered by asking those who have a good understanding of politics and yet have nothing to gain from my decision, instead of just relying on the media to provide me with this information.

When it’s something this important, it pays to do our homework and end up with the right answer for our country.