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The High Quarterly team
The High Quarterly team
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THE HIGH LIFE: By Spalding High School student Holly Stevenson

Following over a year of design planning, organization, preparation and weekly meetings, Spalding High School’s student-run newspaper, the High Quarterly, is officially up and running.

Eight articles have already been uploaded in its first week by the group of ten students from Year 11 and the sixth form, who have worked tirelessly on redesigning the website and preparing for its revival.

Running with a new system of rolling news, the new design means that articles will be added to the website continually, rather than the older system of termly publishes.

This means readers can visit the website at any time and find new articles to read. Uploaded by the upper school editorial team, articles are displayed on the new website in chronological order, and separated into three sections: local news, national news and international news.

Discussing current affairs and political events, the newspaper is an excellent resource not only for readers, but also as a project for students to manage and organize a sophisticated website and voice their opinions, writing analytical pieces on world events interesting them, and working alongside teachers, governors and staff to contribute further on topics of interest to them.

With a mixture of witty articles, such as a eulogy to the Obama presidency by Year 11 student Emily Smith and political articles on the shape of democracy, or the meaning of the term ‘sacred’, along with reviews and popular culture, the paper aims to appeal to all, and inspire younger students further down the school about journalism and extra-curricular opportunities for students at Spalding High.

Following the many previous years of a successful High Quarterly led by now former-pupils, the new editorial team is motivated to follow in the footsteps of their predecessors and develop another famed school paper.

• Over 200 students from Spalding High School took to the examination hall last Thursday in the UKMT Intermediate Maths Challenge.

This is a nationwide competition where students aged 16 and below sit a gruelling test of problem solving and are awarded bronze, silver and gold certificates for exceptional performance.

Opened to Year 11, along with a selection of the upper sets in Years 10 and 9, the challenge is incredibly popular among students, with many entries and certificates given out for every challenge. It’s hoped that the popularity and success of previous years will continue to grow.