Must have been living under rock?

Trish is finally hooked on Broadchurch... and four-minute TV catch-ups.
Trish is finally hooked on Broadchurch... and four-minute TV catch-ups.
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TRISH TAKES FIVE: By blogger Trish Burgess

“Are we going to watch Series One first? No, we’ll never catch up. Let’s just dive in and see how we get on.”

Five minutes into the start of Series Two of Broadchurch and we had pressed the pause button. We had no idea what was going on but, now that we knew who the killer was, there was no going back: the genie was out of the bottle.

Quite frankly I was amazed that we had managed to exist from April 2013 until January 2015 without someone spilling the beans. How had we not inadvertently come across spoilers?

With today’s social media, it’s quite difficult to last a day without a Facebook status or tweet giving the game away. We must have been living under a rock.

Of course, now hooked, we needed to work out who was who: cue a frantic internet search of the characters. It seems everyone in Broadchurch has short names ­ Alec, Ellie, Joe, Tom, Lucy, Beth, Mark, Chloe, Becca, Paul ­ which made it doubly hard to put a name to a face. Why isn’t there a Philomena when you need one?

Fathoming out what had transpired over eight one ­hour episodes was tricky but not impossible thanks to a handy four­-minute recap created by ITV especially for latecomers like ourselves. This got me thinking: rather than wade through numerous box sets of all the programmes I’ve missed over the years, I should just hunt out four­-minute catch up versions. Just think of the time I’d save especially with all those Nordic Noirs I want to see. I managed the first series of The Killing but there’s still another two, plus all The Bridge episodes and a dose of Borgen too. There’s hours and hours of edge ­of­ the­ seat drama which could be easily sorted with a swift everyone thought it was this bloke but it was someone else instead”.

If it wasn’t bad enough struggling with the plot and characters of Broadchurch, our ability to concentrate was also hampered by the knowledge that one of the main buildings of Exeter University had been chosen to represent the courthouse in the first episode of Series Two (and later, apparently, it will become the front of the Wessex Police HQ). As our son, Rory, is now at Exeter, there was much oohing and aahing and pointing at the TV.

All the important characters were gathered inside the courthouse, perfect for new viewer identification purposes, yet Dougie and I were remembering going up a set of stairs and wondering whether the toilets in which David Tennant and Olivia Colman were arguing were ones we had visited.

“Do you think we might see Rory in the background?” I suggested.

“As it was filmed in the summer and he didn’t move there until September, I think it’s unlikely, love,” Dougie replied. “Unless David Tennant arrived in Devon in the TARDIS.”

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