MUM’S THE WORD: Standing up for progress

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So, that next phase which I wrote about a couple of weeks ago appears to have arrived a little earlier than anticipated, and I now have a baby who loves standing up – at every available opportunity, writes KATE CHAPMAN.

I almost missed the first time Nancy managed to haul herself up against the sofa. All of a sudden this little head popped up next to the armrest, and all I could think was ‘you look a little high up to be kneeling!’

And then I wrongly assumed that just because she’d done it once, it would be like the rolling all over again and it would be weeks before she repeated the feat.

But now everything in sight is fast becoming something she can pull herself up against – the sofa, the coffee table, bedside tables and even the bath, in fact nothing is safe from the grasp of her sticky little mitts.

I don’t know why I’m so surprised though, because she’s been bombing around the house in her baby walker like a demented Dalek for weeks, bouncing off the furniture, kitchen cupboards and anything else which happens to get in her path.

On top of this her crawling speed has increased from average to super-turbo and she’s racing from one room to the next quicker than a whippet with a bum-full of dynamite.

I on the other hand am unconditioned and unfit and spend my time trailing behind her, repeating the same sentence over and over again.

Remember Carole, of Little Britain fame, whose catchphrase of choice was ‘Computer says no’, well that’s me now, except you can substitute the word computer for ‘Mummy’.

And it’s not that she’s naughty in the slightest – we just live in house that’s not particularly baby friendly. I was adamant that things would not be moved – after all Nancy has come to live with us and not the other way round. So if I want to leave a vase of flowers on the hearth, then I jolly well will.

Well I did, for about two days until she used all of her super baby strength to pull them over. And then there are the radiator caps, the fireplace, wires and drawers, which are all proving of great interest to her as she leaves a trail of destruction in her tiny wake.

So against my initial decision the decks have now been cleared. All the photo frames and ornaments have been moved to above waist height and anything else of sentimental value that I don’t want ‘Nancied’ are also long gone.

All I can say is that Nancy finding her toes is certainly keeping me on mine – but it’s great fun!