Litter of puppies make for an exciting week at rescue centre

Can you give a home to Fidget?
Can you give a home to Fidget?
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MAN’S BEST FRIEND: By Jerry Green South Lincolnshire Dog Rescue

We have had an exciting week at Jerry Green Dog Rescue as we had a surprise arrival of a litter of six puppies.

The puppies were brought to us by a kind supporter who wanted to ensure they found good homes safely.

The puppies were German Shepherd crossed with a Labrador and were absolutely adorable.

We managed to place the puppies, who were named after the six Direwolves from Game of Thrones, in foster homes while we found homes for them.

After an overwhelming response all six puppies were found brilliant homes in a matter of days.

It is not very often we get puppies that young at the rescue so it is really exciting when we do because they bring with them lots of fun energy and we know that we can find them amazing forever homes very quickly.


Say hello to Fidget, a beautiful three-year-old Lurcher with a lot of love to give.

Fidget came to us from the stray kennels, so we unfortunately do not have any history of his time before us.

After spending a lot of time assessing and understanding his needs, this is what we have learnt so far: Fidget is extremely affectionate, he loves to be around people, cuddle up to them and play with them. We think because of this he would like a home where he is not left for long periods of time.

He is currently working with the team on meeting other dogs, as he can sometimes be over excitable when he sees one.

We think he could potentially live with a calmer dog to help him with this, pending a successful dog introduction at the centre.

Fidget is incredibly bouncy and playful so we think he would be fine to live with children but would recommend that they are older and used to bouncy dogs.

Fidget has a lot of love to give to someone – could you be the one to take him home? Call the South Lincolnshire team today 01205 260546.


Tired of wearing earplugs around the house?

Barking is a natural reaction for your dog but we understand sometimes excessive barking can become difficult to live with.

The first step to a quieter home can be achieved with the power of distraction.

When your dog is barking, use treats to distract them away from what is causing them anxiety.

Throw the treats away from the area. Your dog will be distracted munching up the yummy treats with little concern for what was causing them to bark.

This may only be a temporary fix and the training may need developing.