Licensing is everywhere

South Holland District Council licensing officer Heather Lawson inspecting the bar at the South Holland Centre.
South Holland District Council licensing officer Heather Lawson inspecting the bar at the South Holland Centre.
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CABINET CALL: By South Holland District Council cabinet member Coun Anthony Casson

You may have seen recently that the council actively promoted National Licensing Week.

I took a vested interest in this campaign because licensing falls under my portfolio holder responsibilities.

The campaign was held to help raise awareness about licensing and its impact on the everyday lives of residents.

A key message was ‘licensing is everywhere’, demonstrating how daily tasks such as shopping, getting a taxi or drinking down the pub are affected by it.

I think it’s fair to say that people take a lot of licensing work for granted or are unsure about who is responsible for regulating certain services.

People may also see licensing as a form of bureaucracy, but it is helpful to know how processes work because you may have to apply for a licence or be affected by a licensing issue in your area.

Our licensing team carries out a lot of positive work with businesses and partners to ensure that regulations are being upheld and the public is protected.

As part of Licensing Week, I headed out with the team to oversee some of the inspection work they carry out.

We visited a number of establishments in the district and I’m pleased to say that all of them were abiding by regulations and generally being well run.

Our licensing team’s utmost priority is the protection of the general public and they regularly review and inspect premises all over the district.

Some of the work that they do includes the issuing and overseeing of premises licences enabling shops, bars and pubs to sell alcohol. The authority has the power to revoke these licences if conditions are not upheld.

The council also licenses all taxi drivers, vehicles and operators in the district to ensure the public receives a safe and reliable service. licensing laws also cover animal welfare and gambling issues. So, as you can see, licensing covers a broad range of issues which relate to everyday situations. It’s worth remembering this and knowing where to go if you are affected by a licensing matter.

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