Joining in World Book Night fun

It's a whole new chapter for Trish now at World Book Night. ANL-150427-130247001
It's a whole new chapter for Trish now at World Book Night. ANL-150427-130247001
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TRISH TAKES FIVE: By blogger Trish Burgess

When my son was young he reviewed books for The Book People magazine. From the tender age of seven he was the recipient of a number of books which popped through the letterbox for him to read.

I spotted ‘How To Run a Government’ but it looked a bit heavy for me

Several of these books were uncorrected proofs and he was very excited to receive these as it meant that he was one of a select few to sample the offering before the general public.

I experienced this same excitement when I turned up at Bookmark in Spalding last Thursday evening to attend their World Book Night celebrations. Whereas children who celebrate World Book Day go to school as their favourite book characters, adults mingling in the coffee shop of Bookmark last week were more soberly dressed ­ not a pair of fairy wings amongst them.

The idea of the evening was for visitors to peruse the advance copies that Bookmark receive prior to their publication and take one home. It was such a lovely atmosphere, walking around the tables, with a glass of wine in hand, picking up titles that you wouldn’t necessarily make a beeline for in normal circumstances.

The rest of the family were attending the hustings at the South Holland Centre that night so I was tempted to choose a book which had a link with the elections.

I spotted ‘How To Run a Government’ but it looked a bit heavy for me. I was more tempted by ‘Love, Sex and Other Foreign Policy Goals’ and wondered whether that was on the political agenda: now that would spark interest in the election race.

I could have taken a title that my husband would enjoy: two Irvine Welsh novels were available and I knew my Edinburgh-born hubby would lap them up. But I decided this was my night and I would choose something for myself.

I clutched a copy of ‘The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir who got Trapped in an Ikea Wardrobe’ purely for the wackiness of its title which was reminiscent of ‘The Hundred Year Old Man who Climbed out of the Window and Disappeared’. Eventually I put it down for the childish reason that the print was too big and I wanted to bring home a book with lots of words in it to make the effort worthwhile.

In the end I plumped for ‘War of the Encyclopaedists’ written by two authors, Christopher Robinson and Gavin Kovite. Why? It was a large book, with plenty of words so would keep me occupied for some time.

The blurb on the cover was intriguing: best friends, one of whom has been told he is being deployed to Iraq, keep in touch with each other by editing their own Wikipedia article.

But do you know what clinched it for me? The book isn’t officially published in the UK until 28th May so I will have that delicious pleasure of reading it before everyone else.

I left the shop happy, with the book clutched to my chest.

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