It’s makeover time for my website

Trish's new blog ANL-160428-114539001
Trish's new blog ANL-160428-114539001
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TRISH TAKES FIVE: By Trish Burgess

Looking old, tired, in need of some attention? Sometimes when you feel like this, the only option is to consider getting some work done: a tweak here, a lift there to give a smarter, fresher appearance.

I’ve had a facelift!

What do you mean, it’s about time? I’m talking about my blog which, having been unchanged since 2009, was in desperate need of a makeover: a blog Botox was necessary.

I did think about changing the name. ‘Mum’s Gone To...’ has always been about family travel and since my son is at university, would it still be appropriate? I decided I was still a mum and it felt right to stick with a name people associate with me. Besides, even last week Rory was part of our family holiday to Devon. I don’t think he’ll be giving up the chance of a trip to the coast, courtesy of Mum and Dad, any time soon.

To assist me in the design process I decided to stay local. I was impressed by the website of 79Design, based in Spalding, and thought, if their own site looks so professional, they can surely do something exciting for me.

A positive online discussion was held on April Fool’s Day (that could have been very unwise) and immediately the company got to work. Last week, after much discussion about colours, fonts and layout, the content of my old blog was moved over to the new site and we were ready to go live. There were a few stressful moments caused by some dodgy computer code from me and the fact that nearly 600 posts plus a vast amount of images had to be moved, but we got there.

I now have a new place to call home: a fresh, smarter website. The old content is still there, it’s just been rejuvenated.

The director of 79Design, Simon M Lewis, had this to say about the process:

“We were approached by Trish using our instant Live Chat system. The project was to import the blog from Blogger to a new Wordpress website system, and create a far superior, responsive website that would be a pleasure for both Trish and readers to use.

It took a lot of hard work getting around issues but we love a good challenge; we never give up. I am pleased to say it worked brilliantly. With great feedback from Trish we were able to produce something 
really special and we look forward to our continued relationship.”

Now, Simon, about this face of mine...

You can see Trish’s updated blog at and follow her on Twitter @mumsgoneto