Hurricane Donald is blowing on in . . .

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump
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So, there have been a couple of events in the news this week that have got me thinking about the instability of the world. Hurricane Matthew, making its way towards Haiti was one of them.

I wonder what those families were thinking, knowing there was something monstrous on the way and not being able to escape to the safety of a bunker, or drive away from the danger. The aftermath of 140mph winds is bad in a Westernised country…in poverty stricken Haiti, it is utter devastation.

If you’re starting with a simple wooden hut with a tin roof, there isn’t much left after a pummelling wind that tore up trees, as easily as picking carrots.

The pictures of people up to their necks in floodwater, trying to get their children to safety, filled me with horror, as did the woman using water from the river where pigs wallowed.

My daughter saw a picture of a girl her age, in a filthy dress, playing in the wet street. “Is that her only dress?” she said, awestruck – an idea so unbelievable to somebody whose wardrobe is full of them.

“Probably,” I said grimly, sad at such a fact. I don’t understand the politics of every country or our inability at times to help our neighbour…it makes me angry and helpless that life can be so completely different from one person to another, just because of where we are born.

I’m glad of companies like Oxfam, who can get aid out to where it is needed when we donate, but I still wish there was more we could do.

The other news item that has dominated America’s headlines is Trump and his campaign and I had a similar feeling thinking about him as I did about Hurricane Matthew…what are those families thinking, knowing something monstrous is on the way and not being able to escape?

In the light of his derogatory comments about women, it is shocking that this man is even being considered, let alone getting close to becoming the President of America.

If anyone sums up the epitome of greed, inequality and selfish ambition, it’s Donald Trump…his ideas, ranging from building a wall to keep Mexicans out to encouraging his followers to punch anyone in the face who disagrees, are frightening, made even more so by the fact that so many seem to think he is wonderful, a saviour of sorts.

I’m not saying Hillary Clinton is much better; many involved with politics have unsavoury pasts. In fact, most people in general have done things they shouldn’t or wished they hadn’t…the difference with Trump is, he thinks he is a man who has the best interests of America in his heart, always going on about making America great again, going back to the “good old days”.

Really? All I see is segregation, male chauvinism and class divides and I don’t see how any of that can be good for America.

After Hurricane Matthew, the clearing up process can begin, aid delivered, lives can be made better…I’m not so sure America will ever look the same if Trump has his way...