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Separated at birth? ANL-150608-151248001
Separated at birth? ANL-150608-151248001
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TRISH TAKES FIVE: By blogger Trish Burgess

A ccording to Facebook, the celebrity I most resemble is Julia Roberts. My Facebook profile pic currently has me dressed in my All That Jazz costume from a recent SADOS production. Was it my jaunty red hat that was reminiscent of the Hollywood star or was it just the big toothy smile? Julia Roberts as my twinny? I’ll take that.

Of course, I discovered this whilst procrastinating, probably during breakfast when, instead of reading the ingredients on the side of a cereal packet, I have taken to lazily scrolling through my timeline, liking photos of kittens and sunsets and studiously blocking requests for fertiliser on FarmVille.

I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. It’s been a great way to connect with old friends, keep in touch with family and share links with other bloggers but I waste far too much time on there. Younger people, like my son, have drifted away from the platform, leaving it in the hands of the middle-aged who share their kitchen renovations and cappuccino foam art.

Last week, after spotting the celebrity looky-likey game, I realised that although it’s very silly, this kind of light-hearted nonsense has the ability to cheer people up for a few moments in what might otherwise be a busy or stressful day. One friend was delighted she was paired with Scarlett Johansson and great guffaws could be heard through the ether when another mate, not in the first flush of youth, was compared to Leonardo di Caprio.

I decided, on a whim, to try out a few more Facebook quizzes just to see what daftness I could unearth. It might be an online process, but things haven’t changed much from our teenage years, choosing A, B or C in magazine quizzes to determine personality traits. The only difference is now we can share the results with our friends and rib each other mercilessly.

Here’s what I discovered during a coffee break last week.

Which European country is your perfect fit? Based on my preferences for breakfast and lunch and whether I like to hug people or not, I should probably live in the Netherlands. Booking my flight to Amsterdam right now.

What car is right for you? Porsche Panamera. How did they know?

What is your favourite drink? A mohito. Yes, I would happily sup that.

On the North-O-Meter I am 75%, somewhere around Hull. About right for a Geordie living in South Lincolnshire.

What is the colour of your aura? Green. I am ‘a person with good energy who loves nature and the feeling of freedom. I conquer the world with good humour and charisma’. Gosh, they really have me sussed.

Which Simpsons character are you? Marge Simpson: ‘selfless and loving, you keep the family functioning’. They have obviously been talking to my husband and son

Can we guess your age in five questions? 31-40. Now that’s uncanny.

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