GUARDIAN ANGEL: What’s been amusing and bemusing our girl about town?

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Angel was doing a spot of shopping in Spalding’s M&S food hall last week when she overheard a rather strange request.

A shopper asked to pay the bulk of her bill by debit card and the remainder – just 6p – in cash.

The till operator looked a little bemused by the request – particularly when the shopper handed over a ten pence piece and she had to give her 4p change!

It’s November already and Angel is faced with a dilemma. Her hanging baskets planted in spring still look as lovely as ever with glorious petunias still giving their best. But does she change the guard now with old faithful winter pansies or wait for the first big frost to make the decision for her?

Angel was out and about in Spalding when she spotted A dog poo bin situated right next to a postbox (pictured above).

Let’s hope no-one gets confused and ends up posting their item into the wrong one or the postman could get a nasty surprise!

Brownie points go to the tractor driver who spotted a lay-by and actually pulled in to it yesterday morning ... but, before doing so, said tractor driver had led Angel’s chariot on a tortuous journey from Gosberton to the roadside refuge half way between Surfleet and Pinchbeck. And one driver had already risked life and limb to overtake the tractor on a blind bend. More timely consideration would be much appreciated.

Angel had to struggle to keep a straight face as she reapplied her lippy in the ladies’ loos at the weekend. A group of women were congratulating another on how wonderful she looked after losing weight. When said former fatty left the loos, one woman cattily remarked: “How do you manage to put that much weight on anyway?”, only to be introduced to former fatty’s sister standing next to her. Oops!

Angel hears it was a case of genteel “phone wars” at Long Sutton Parish Council. One smart phone owner had a quip for a gent brandishing one of the older style models. “Is it Fisher Price?” he asked. Another old style phone owner was quick to point out that no only was her technology “by-passed” it had extra large keys for ease of use.