GUARDIAN ANGEL: In a stew over the fruit and veg shopping

Guardian Angel.
Guardian Angel.
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Angel often pops to the market in Spalding for her fruit and veg but was annoyed with herself when she got home on Saturday to discover she’d left behind a bag full of carrots and sweet potatoes that she had paid for.

Thinking that she’d have to put it down to a loss, she mentioned it to the stall holder when she went back on Tuesday.

She was delighted that the stall holder remembered her – and replaced the groceries she’d left behind with no extra charge!

• How many ‘flurries’ does it take for it to be officially snowing?

Angel overheard a conversation along those lines in Spalding last week when there had indeed been a few flurries, but some excited teenagers were insistent that it had snowed. Perhaps it’s all a matter of perception – and youth!

• Angel was having a conversation with ‘im indoors about the necessity in the 21st century of using animals in circuses, sparked by an article in these newspapers.

He brought things to a puzzling close with, ‘No, I don’t think they should have animals in zoos.’