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News from the Lincs Free Press and Spalding Guardian,, @LincsFreePress on Twitter
News from the Lincs Free Press and Spalding Guardian,, @LincsFreePress on Twitter
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The latest from our girl about town...

Angel has noticed a sign in her gym all this month saying something along the lines of ‘Friends free in December’. On Monday it struck her that she had better request one soon before the offer ends....

* A big thank you from Angel to all the market traders who turn out each week – sometimes in horrible weather – to bring us all kinds of food stuff and everything from furniture to clothing. Well done everyone!

* Angel likes to support local traders when possible, but recently had to go online to buy a particular Nintendo DS game for her nephew that she could not find in any shops.

First she “purchased” it through Amazon, only to receive an email TWELVE days later saying it was not in stock and they could not get a copy.

Then she “purchased” it from

This time, not only did she received a confirmation email, but even another one the next day to say the game had been posted... only to hear the next day that it had been “oversold”.

Eventually she managed to buy it from Nintendo and it was delivered and wrapped within 48 hours.

When possible, however, Angel will continue to shop local in the safe knowledge that when you’ve bought something you can put it in a bag and take it home.

* It seems to be every man or woman for themselves when it comes to parking this Christmas! Angel has been chatting to one reader who was upset about a blue badge holder in Sainsbury’s car park taking a mother and baby space.

The reader had both children with her when a car swerved in it leaving her with no space. What made her particularly angry was there were plenty of disabled spaces, but if she parked in there she would have got a fine. A little bit of seasonal goodwill needed here, Angel thinks.

* Angel loves seeing all the wonderful Christmas lights displays outside people’s homes but heard from a friend that they’ve been known to cause accidents with drivers “rubber necking” to check them out. Apparently people in one particular street in Leicester go over the top to compete with one another and vehicle shunts go up on a par with the excellence of the displays.

Angel was sad to hear from a friend who lives in Sutton Bridge. She put up her lights last year but daren’t do the same again this year because she was the only one.

* During a recent break, Angel found out that no matter how many timetables you put up in rail stations, people will still get on the wrong train.
So imagine a group of friends’ horror when they sat on a train they thought was heading for London King’s Cross, only to be told it was bound for Birmingham New Street.
A definite case of too much information to take in.