Don’t take election result for granted

Get out there and vote.
Get out there and vote.
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EDITOR’S COMMENT: By Jeremy Ransome

I hope you’ll forgive me for the extensive election coverage in our papers and website lately – but I’m not going to apologize.

Some might see it and be turned off... but who we elect for our next MP and, of course, our next Government, is vitally important.

Two years ago we organised a hustings event at the South Holland Centre in Spalding and this proved very popular – but Theresa May caught us all on the hop this time around and didn’t leave enough time to arrange another event I would be happy with.

So, in today’s paper, we have the six candidates vying for the South Holland and the Deepings seat in the election answering questions put by you. The next best thing and viewed more people....

And on Tuesday in the Free Press we give each candidate a chance to tell you in 400 words why you should vote for them next Thursday.

Remember, when we all moan about the NHS, education, defence, immigration and all the other issues that effect our everyday lives, it is our votes that decide who is in power to make decisions on these topics.

Please read carefully the answers given by candidates in today’s paper to questions put by you. The successful candidate will be accountable to you and serving you.

And try to read the party manifestos too before casting your all-important vote.

John Hayes, our MP for the last 20 years, has been campaigning vigorously so he obviously doesn’t take his 18,000 majority for granted. Don’t you take it for granted either. Study the form, think carefully and back who you think should be the winner.

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