Devolution deal offers South Holland big benefits

Gary Porter
Gary Porter
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CABINET CALL: By South Holland District Council Leader Gary Porter

This week marked the end of six weeks of public consultation on the Greater Lincolnshire devolution deal.

I’d like to thank everyone who has taken the time to have their say on the proposals and will now turn attention to what happens next.

Firstly the results from the consultation have to be analysed by the ten Greater Lincolnshire Councils that are part of the scheme.

The political leaders of those authorities will meet on August 19 to consider the feedback and then the analysis has to be submitted to the Secretary of State by August 26.

Once that’s been approved, only then will the councils take a formal decision – yes or no.

That will happen sometime in September (each council has a different date) so when you consider that the proposals only got under way this year, you can see how quickly things have progressed.

Assuming there is general agreement with the scheme, then elections for a new Mayor of the Combined Authority will happen in 2017.

Once in place, the elected Mayor will lead a Cabinet made up of the Leaders of the ten councils.

​As I’ve said before, the deal is great news for the people and businesses of South Holland.

It will mean we can take decisions about how to spend government money for growth and prosperity - decisions that are presently made for us in London.

When you consider that it could boost the area’s economy by £8bn, create 29,000 jobs and provide 100,000 new homes, you can see there are many big benefits.

Greater Lincolnshire will additionally receive £15 million a year, for the next 30 years to support key infrastructure projects selected by the new Greater Lincolnshire Combined Authority.

We will also take control of government money that pays for skills and further education, enabling us to better match training to the needs of employers.

We are committed to helping the South Holland economy to develop and thrive and that’s why I believe devolution will be a significant positive step.