Could you go nutty for Peanut?

Could you give Peanut a home?
Could you give Peanut a home?
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MAN’S BEST FRIEND: By Jerry Green Dog Rescue, South Lincs Centre

Peanut is a very friendly, confident young lad who is always happy to say hello to everyone he meets. He enjoys going out on walks with the staff and volunteers here, but his absolute favourite thing in the world is a squeaky toy!

Poor little Peanut is currently finding kennel life stressful and would love to find a home of his own very soon. He has been socialising with other dogs while being at the centre and enjoys going out on calm walks with them.

He does find them a bit too much when they get playful, so needs a home without any existing pets but to continue to socialise with them when out and about. 

Peanut would benefit from an adult-only home or one that has older children as he can get a bit bouncy at times and would be too much around little ones.

If you think you could be the one for Peanut call us on 01205 260546.

Unwanted items could be cashed in for care

Over the year we do a lot of stalls, charity events and big functions to raise money to help us to care for our lovely dogs.

To make these events successful we need prizes for things like, tombolas, dog tombolas, raffles and auctions.

Unfortunately our stock of prizes is looking seriously 
depleted and we are desperate for some kind donations from you lovely people to help give it a boost ready for our big summer fundraising events.

Perhaps you are in need of a clear out or a late Spring clean? Maybe you have some toys you bought for your dog that they won’t play with? 
Instead of throwing them away you could donate it to us and help care for a rescue dog for a week.

Perhaps you can persuade your company to donate a voucher, or item to our auction this July? This would help to advertise to a new audience, generate some exiting interest but also really help us to give a rescue dog some much needed care and treatment.

Please either pop in your donations to our centre or contact Elizabeth on 07921471578 for more information. Tank you so much.

Theren’a Training Tip: Responding when called

Does your not respond to their name or come back when called?

These easy tips will help getting you started with recall training.

Last week we spoke about how to ensure your dog knows their own name, so that they know who you’re talking to. This week, we look at the next stage in recall training.

Practice makes perfect. Continue to call your dog and praise them for coming to you.

We now want to try calling the dog from different rooms in the house. Using the same technique as previously, call your dog and when they come, give lots of praise and yummy treats!

You will definitely know that they understand their name when they come to you from another room. It’s essentially hide and seek in your home with your dog!

You should then take the technique into the garden and practice here.

There are lots of fun distractions in the garden, so you may want to start when your dog is quite close to you, rather than the bottom end of the garden first.

If you have a partner or friend who can help, ask them to hold your dog on the lead whilst you walk to the other end of the garden, call your dog and then your friend should let go of the lead when you call and hopefully he will run straight over to you. This game is lots of fun!

• Come back for part 3 of this tip next week.

• If you would like to find out more about positive training techniques call our Centre Trainer Therena on 01205 260546.