Charley can sing her way into your heart!

Can you give Charley a home?
Can you give Charley a home?
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MAN’S BEST FRIEND: By the South Lincs Centre of Jerry Green Dog Rescue

Charley is a very sweet girl with a very special talent. Charley can actually sing on command, which does make for a very impressive trick and duet partner.

She is a seven-year-old collie and is looking for a forever home of her own. She can be a little shy meeting new people so slow introductions are best for her but once she has made friends she is a very cuddly girl.

The way to Charley’s heart is her love of tennis balls. Like most Collies, she loves to play ball. Charley is a super clever lady so you could have so much fun teaching Charley lots of clever things to do.

Charley has been socialising with other dogs at the centre and is happy to greet them but can sometimes be worried or overwhelmed by them. Charley is looking for an adult home, preferably with previous collie experience. If you think Charley could sing her way into your heart call the Algarkirk team to arrange a visit on 01205 260546.

TRAINING TIP: Does your dog jump up to greet you and your guests? Dogs jump up for many reasons, including excitement and frustration.

The biggest reason dogs do this is because they want your attention and they get a reward from any attention you give them, good or bad.

The biggest tip we can give you for stopping a dog jumping up is to ignore it. 

Don’t look at them, touch them, shout at them or talk to them. 

If you need to, turn your back away until they get down. 

Once they are on the ground, reward them by fussing them, but only when their feet are on the floor. 

When your guests arrive at your home make sure they also do this – consistency is definitely the key here.

Your dog will soon learn that jumping up will not receive any attention and will start greeting you in a calmer way.

We run a variety of training classes and 1-2-1s at Jerry Green Dog Rescue. If you would like to find out more about positive training techniques call our centre trainer Therena on 01205 260546.

• Did you join us for the Fanfare Big Band evening?

We had an amazing time and we hope you did too. We wanted to let you know that thanks to your generosity from ticket sales, the auction and grand draw tickets we raised an amazing £1,071 for our rescue dogs.

Thank you so much to everyone who joined us and gave so generously on the night.

We would also like to say a huge thank you to Gordon Grant for donating the services of his band and also to the Boston Big Local Community Chest Fund for sponsoring the event.