Can you try a little tenderness with Otis?

Otis needs a loving home
Otis needs a loving home
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MAN’S BEST FRIEND: By the South Lincs Centre of Jerry Green Dog Rescue

Have you ever run faster than your legs could carry you? Otis sure has, with rather amusing consequences.

Sharron from Natural Pet Box has donated some of her products to Jerry Green's silent auction at July's Fan Fare Big Band Event.

Sharron from Natural Pet Box has donated some of her products to Jerry Green's silent auction at July's Fan Fare Big Band Event.

Sometimes Otis runs so fast that he trips himself up, though this bundle of energy soon picks himself back up again to continue the chase.

Our lovely lad is a two-year-old Lurcher looking for a new running partner. He would happily live with another dog who would be happy to spend the day playing with him.

Otis is a very loving boy, who loves human affection and despite his energy off lead he walks fantastically gently on lead.

If you think you have the perfect home for Otis, please call 01205 260546.

Pet box prizes for silent auction at fundraiser

We had a fantastic meeting with Sharron from local company Natural Pet Box last week.

She popped by to our centre to let our dogs sample some of her wonderful natural pet treats and donate some of her absolutely brilliant pet boxes to our silent auction at July’s Fan Fare Big Band Event.

We are very excited and hugely grateful for the support she has given us.

Sharron is also hoping to make an annual donation to our charity from the profits of the pet box sales, which is absolutely phenomenal.

Our dogs certainly enjoyed the tasty treats she brought, so we are hoping lots more dogs do too.

Don’t miss out on your chance to win one of these fabulous natural pet boxes... book your ticket to our Fan Fare Big Band event on July 22 by calling the Blackfriars box office today on 01205 363108, tickets £14.50.

The event will feature two sets from a variety of genres to suit everyone by the Fan Fare Big Band, a silent auction and a welcome drink. Definitely an event not to be missed!

Therena’s Training Tip: Responding when called

Does your not respond to their name or come back when called? These easy tips will help getting you started with recall training.

Last week we spoke about practising the recall technique in different places around the house. This week, we look at the final stage in recall training.

You are now ready to venture to the great outside world. Use the techniques you have been practising in your home and garden with your dog. It is advisable to gently call your dog’s name whilst you are walking on the lead and give them a yummy treat for responding to you.

When first trying recall in a wide open space, it is advisable to use a long-line, that way if your dog forgets what they are doing, you are still attached to your dog and won’t spend agonising minutes trying to call them back if they run off.

Remember, your dog will be more distracted by the outside world and more excited by it. Do not tell them off if they forget all your training and don’t come back straight away or not at all. It may take a few times outside practising for them to respond. Try practising recall on a shorter line and then allow it to get longer as your dog responds to you more and gets it right! Keep giving yummy treats or praise each time they come back to you.

Do not take the long line off until you are quite confident your dog will come back to recall and never around roads or high traffic areas. You can always attempt their first try at ‘free running’ in an enclosed field or dog park, just so you can be that extra bit sure. We hope you and your dog have lots of exciting off-lead adventures together.

• If you would like to find out more about positive training techniques call centre trainer Therena on 01205 260546.