Can you give Nico a loving home?

Can you give Nico a home?
Can you give Nico a home?
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MAN’S BEST FRIEND: By Jerry Green Dog Rescue, South Lincolnshire

Get ready to fall in love with Nico, a gorgeous eight year-old crossbreed looking for his forever home.

He is a lovely chap who is looking for a home where he can have a nice cuddly bed to sleep in and a whole lot of love.

Nico is a real character, who will most definitely make you laugh out loud.

He does have some bald patches and sore skin where he possibly has had a reaction – he has had allergy tests and although he’s only got some minor allergies we think he’d be best staying on a sensitive diet.

Nico has been happy to mix with dogs while being with us but as he likes to be the very centre of all the attention would prefer to the only pet in the home.

If you think you could be Nico’s trusty pal call us on 01205 260546.

‘We need to raise £100K this year’

We are hosting a fun dog show this Saturday May to help raise some much-needed funds to renovate our kennels at our South Lincolnshire Centre.

The Centre is 20 years old this September so these renovations are essential if we are to continue to provide a place fit for our dogs while they stay in our care, writes Centre fundraiser Elizabeth Hempstock.

We need to raise about £100,000 this year, so this event is the first in a long line of fundraising things we have planned to have fun and raise funds.

The event is in heart of the community at Sutterton Village Hall with a fun dog show, lots of choice to eat and we’re holding out for good weather and booked the ice cream van.

There will be lots of fun and games for the family and their dogs and some great stalls too.

We are really excited about this event, as not only does it give us the opportunity to raise the money we need, but we also get to spend some time with our wonderful supporters and see some familiar dog faces from our past, as well as some new ones too we hope.

Our dog groomer Heather and centre trainer Therena will also be offering some pop-up grooming treatments, training demonstrations and some fantastic offers for any on the day bookings taken.

• The Spring Dog Show, with free entry, is at Sutterton Village Hall this Saturday from 11.30am to 4pm.

Therena’s Training Tip – recall

Did you know that dogs respond better to recall for women than men? 

This is because a woman’s higher voices are more exciting to dogs and makes them excited about coming back. 

Recall can be taught to any breed or age of dog. The main things to remember is always reward with treats so they know it’s a good thing to come back.

There are lots of tools to help you train your dog to recall such as a whistle or a long line. However these need to be thought of by the dog as a good thing, so it is important to remember to use positive reward-based training using toys or treats.

If you would like to find out more about positive training techniques call our centre trainer Therena on 01205 260546.