Can you give a home to cuddly Annie

Can you give Annie a home?
Can you give Annie a home?
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MAN’S BEST FRIEND: By Jerry Green Dog Rescue South Lincs Centre

Have you met Annie? She is a four-year-old ex-racing greyhound looking for a home.

Despite the fact that she loves to run very fast Annie is a dream to walk, as she is very gentle on the lead.

Her most wonderful quality, however, definitely has to be her affectionate nature.

Annie absolutely adores cuddles, so much so that she will literally come to lean against you or nudge you for more affection.

This wonderful lady is currently sat at our centre waiting for a new family to give her the retirement home and endless cuddles she so rightfully deserves. Just pop in to meet her – we promise that you will fall in love.

Annie can be nervous of bouncy dogs but could live in a home with a calmer dog and older children.

If you would like this little lady to cuddle up to you give the team a call on 01205 260546.

Join us this weekend

This weekend we will be in not one, not two, not three, but FOUR different places, providing a variety of different services to our community.

First and foremost we will, of course, be at our centre in Algarkirk, ready to meet any potential adopters and run our Saturday clubs. This starts with a social dog walk leaving our centre at 10am, where everyone is welcome.

We also have a fantastic puppy socialisation session from 1pm where puppy owners can bring their dogs for some off-lead play.

Secondly, on Sunday, our dog welfare assistant Hailey will be running a fabulous Fun Dog Show at Bakkavor’s family fun day, which is located at Springfield’s event centre.

Pop along with your family and your dog to join in the fun – details can be found on the Springfield’s event page and our Facebook page.

Thirdly, fundraiser Elizabeth will have a stall full of homemade dog treats, fantastic toys and equipment for your dog, as well as some beautiful dog-themed giftware.

This will be at Empingham’s annual agility show at Rutland showground from Friday to Sunday.

Finally volunteer Jody will be at Boston market ready to chat to you all and give you a flavour of our up and coming event, the Fanfare Big Band show at Boston’s Blackfriars Arts Theatre on July 22 .

The first person to find Jody’s stall and deliver the code word ‘Spalding Guardian’ will win four free tickets to this event. With all these exciting things happening this weekend there is plenty for our fabulous supporters to get involved with. We hope to see you there.

Therena’s training tips – getting your dog to lay down: method 2

Does your dog not quite know what you mean when you ask him to lay down?

Asking a dog to lay down may seem like a fairly simple thing but if your dog doesn’t know what you mean, they won’t understand what to do. Following on from last week, here is our second method.

Method 2: This method usually works best from a standing position but can work from sitting too.

As with method 1, use a treat to bring your dog’s head in a downward position.

Then, instead of moving forwards, push the treat back in between their legs to the chest area. Offer your dog the treat when they have laid down.

Begin adding your cue word for down when your dog assumes the down position each time.

Use your hand movement without a treat as the physical signal for down and slowly make this smaller as your dog learns what to do.

Remember that if you use the word “down” for getting off furniture or from jumping, use a different cue word for lying down, so as not to confuse your dog with one word meaning two behaviours.

• If you would like to find out more about positive training techniques call Therena on 01205 260546.