Can someone give adorable Woody a home?

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MAN’S BEST FRIEND: By the Jerry Green Dog Rescue South Lincs Centre

Woody is a fantastic dog with a lot of love to give. He is a one-year-old crossbreed who originally came to us from the stray kennels, which means we have no history of him.

Woody started his Jerry Green journey heartbreakingly scared of people and dogs, which led us to believe that he may have been mistreated in the past.

Since then Woody has come on in leaps and bounds, quite literally. Always pleased to greet the staff here and have cuddles and play time.

Now Woody adores people and is finally ready to put his trust back into a new human and find his forever home.

Woody would prefer an adult-only home with no other pets.

He is a fantastic dog who would make someone an amazing best friend, he is a great listener, fantastic mood lifter with boundless energy and enthusiasm. If you rescue Woody, he will rescue you right back.

If you think you could be the one for Woody call us on 01205 260546.

Therena’s training tip: Responding when called

Does your dog not respond to their name or come back when called?

These easy tips will help get you started with recall training.

Firstly, it is important that your dog understands their name and will respond to hearing this; perhaps they are from a rescue and you have recently given them a new name or they are youngsters and they don’t quite realise what a name means? Your dog is not being stubborn by not responding; they just might not know what you want them to do!

Initially, begin by saying their name really calmly and nicely, we want your dog to associate their name with positivity and not with thinking they are going to be told off. This will make them not want to come to you at all, which won’t help with recall!

If your dog responds to you, by looking in your direction or coming over, give your dog lots of praise and maybe a lovely tasty treat or two. We want to make it very exciting and lovely for them to come to you.

Do not tell your dog off for not coming when you say their name or not coming straight away. We do not want them fearful of approaching you. Repeat this stage until your dog comes every time you call their name.

• Come back for part 2 of this tip next week.

Big Band evening to raise funds

Did you hear about our Fan Fare Big Band Evening?

Jerry Green Dog Rescue has just been awarded £500 from Boston Big Local Community Chest funding to support our Fan Fare Big Band event to be held on July 22 at Blackfriars Theatre.

The event aims to raise money for the charity through the ticket sales and also a silent auction that will be held on the night.

The evening will feature two musical sets by the fantastic Fan Fare Big Band, whose services have kindly been donated to the charity by musical director Gordon Grant.

Gordon was previously the musical director for the BBC so the entertainment promises to be phenomenal. There will also be a drinks reception and a silent auction, with the prizes being provided by local businesses, giving local residents an opportunity to bid for some fantastic deals on the night.

The £500 of funding from Boston Big Local and the donation of the band by Gordon has enabled us to cover the costs of the event – which means that every penny raised on the night will be able to go towards helping the dogs in our care.

We are really excited to host this event for our local community and hope that they will join us in coming together to raise some money for our wonderful dogs.

We are now in the process of trying to acquire the silent auction prizes which will help make the night a success. If your business has a prize they would like to donate to the event to help raise some much needed funds for the dogs, please contact Elizabeth on 07921471578.

Tickets for this event are priced at an excellent £14.50 and can be purchased from the Blackfriars website or at the box office.