Buster looking for a forever home

Can you give Buster a home.
Can you give Buster a home.
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MAN’S BEST FRIEND: By Jerry Green South Lincolnshire Dog Rescue

Meet Buster, a five year-old Jack Russell Terrier, who is looking for a forever home all of his own.

Buster is looking for love and affection and would like a kind, patient and understanding home. 

When Buster first arrived at our centre as a stray he was very nervous and wasn’t very keen on meeting new people.

The team have been working very closely with Buster to bring him out of his shell and work on his confidence issues.

Buster is doing really well and now greets new people with affection. He has turned into a real charmer with the team now, enjoying all the love and attention they give him.

His new owner would need to be very patient and continue on his training and ensure his confidence continues to flourish. The team at Jerry Green Dog Rescue would be on hand to help with this whenever required.

Buster would like an adult-only home and to be the only pet. This way he can enjoy snuggles all to himself If you feel you can offer Buster the home he is looking for, please contact the centre on 01205 260546.

Puppy training course launched

We are launching our brand-new puppy training course with our highly experience centre trainer Therena next Thursday, May 18.

This is a fantastic opportunity to get some expert help training your new puppy in these vital stages while also enjoying meeting other puppy owners and learning in a group environment.

The course will cover the basics in training, such as sit, loose lead walking and wait, as well as tackling common hurdles such as puppy teething, manners and separation tips.

Therena only teaches positive training methods so you can rest assured that your puppy will learn in a friendly and safe way.

This is a six-week course and will cost £60 with the money going back into the rescue to help a rescue dog.

We are also launching our puppy socialisation sessions where you can bring your puppy along to socialise with other puppies off lead.

Therena said: “It is really important at this young age to learn how to interact with other dogs and because it is with peers of their own age group they can learn valuable lessons together.”

These sessions are pay as you go for only £3, and are lots of fun for both dogs and owners. They are every Saturday from 1pm at the centre, and there is no need to book.

Therena’s Training Tip – stopping constant jumping

Does your dog constantly jump up to get your attention?

This can be one of the most common problems we are asked advice on. Especially for people with big dogs!

This very common issue has a very simple solution:

When your dog is jumping up at you, try to ignore this behaviour. Try to avoid looking in their direction, you can’t see anything below your nose!

By ignoring this behaviour, you will teach your dog that jumping will not get them the behaviour they want. As soon as your dog stops jumping up, reward with a yummy treat and a word such as, “yes” or “good” to let him know he has done well. Once he realises having all four paws of the floor gets him a yummy reward you will find the jumping up behaviour starts to decrease. The placement of the treat is very important too, pop the treat on the floor, so his head will look down rather than jumping up for the treat. Repeat this every time he jumps and you will find he will begin to wait patiently for the treat when he comes to you, rather than jump up.

If you like your dog jumping up to say hello, remember not everyone will share this, so training your dog to jump on a cue would be recommended too.

If you need any further advice on positive training techniques why not book a one to one with our centre trainer Therena. Call 01205 260546 to book in.