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Gosberton Methodist church flower festival
Gosberton Methodist church flower festival
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For more than twenty years, I have visited every one of the flower festivals which take place in churches across my constituency each Spring. As the Winter gloom begins to lift, we are treated to the most dazzling array of flowers, of every hue and shape.

Each year, like other local people, I am impressed by the dedication, craftsmanship and creativity of the many volunteers who work so hard to make these remarkable events a success. The seemingly endless supply of new ideas for themes and their interpretation – which this year include “Childhood Memories” in Gosberton, “All Good Gifts Around Us” in Moulton, “Noah’s Ark” in Holbeach and “Rainbow of Dance” in Donington – always inspires.

It is particularly appropriate that these festivals take place in churches, both affirming their place at the very centre of our communities and providing a vivid depiction of the miracle of God’s creation and the imagination vested in us. Indeed, the universal appeal of floral displays – and the nourishing joy which they bring – draws people into places of worship who may, otherwise, rarely visit them, alongside regular churchgoers.

This wonderful synthesis of natural beauty and human artistry are reminders of the fathomless riches which surround us. In addressing ourselves to simple, floral beauty, combined with human skill and sophistication, we may grow more fully in comprehension of the sublime. As the great Lincolnshire poet Alfred, Lord Tennyson put it: “Little flower—but if I could understand / What you are, root and all, and all in all, / I should know what God and man is.”

I thank all those who make our flower festivals possible, on behalf of all those who enjoy them.