A little BB magic gives me a glow

Trish enjoying a makeover.
Trish enjoying a makeover.
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Blogger Trish Burgess writes for the Free Press

The text came through at lunchtime. Did I fancy going to a makeup party that evening?

It was a bit of a late invite but there was promise of wine and some free samples so that sealed it.

Later that day I thought I’d better make an effort with my own face, so applied a bit of lippy, eye­liner and some tinted moisturiser. Little did I know that barely half an hour after I’d slapped it on, it would be systematically removed by the lovely Emma Kettlewell, Clarins consultant at Hills Department Store in Spalding.

Being the ‘model’ for the evening was great fun, despite the fact that a whole room full of people were watching my transformation. I was in good hands. Emma is an experienced make­up artist, having studied Media Make­up at university.

She treated my old face with such care: patting it and smoothing it, while explaining the processes involved to the rest of the group, who were becoming more animated because of the large measures of rosé being served by our host.

I had no idea there were so many procedures. Cleanser, toner, serum, moisturiser, primer (primer? What am I? A skirting board?) foundation, blusher, concealer. The new thing apparently is BB. The young girls at the party knew this was Beauty Balm, a magic potion which moisturises, tints and protects.

The older crowd weren’t quite up to speed with the new terms: one friend kept referring to it as B&B, as if it somehow had the same properties as a comfy bed and a full English.

The age gap was apparent not just in terminology but in make­up habits. Over the years, many of us have become so entrenched in our make­up routines that we have become a tad slap­dash. One by one we admitted our shameful practices such as eking out the last bit of powder from very old eye­shadows with a finger.

We don’t pat cream lovingly onto our skin; we rub it in with vigorous circular motions or slide it out from the centre as if attempting a temporary facelift.

There was a lot of talk about thinning eyebrows and how we regretted over­plucking. The trend now is for much heavier, thicker brows but these can be easily created with some clever artwork. My eyebrows aren’t thin but even I could see the difference some colouring ­in made. That, together with some properly applied eye­liner and some wizardry with a mascara wand, certainly made my eyes stand out.

I have to say, as someone who doesn’t use much make­up, I really liked the results. While I stared in the mirror at this new woman, everyone else sought advice from Emma and stocked up on some Clarins skin-care, including some great value gift sets.

What did I buy? A gorgeous shimmery eye­shadow collection and, so he didn’t feel left out, I bought Dougie his favourite moisturising balm. It’s not just the girls who like a bit of pampering.

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