Open verdict on overdose mum

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QUADRING mum Mary Ann Jackson lay lifeless from a massive overdose of tablets when her husband John climbed into bed.

Just a short time earlier they cuddled to make up for a morning tiff, but he left the bedroom so his wife could get ready for bed.

An inquest heard Mrs Jackson (47) had a history of depression, problems sleeping and was worried by a shortage of money and hair loss through alopecia.

Mr Jackson said his wife was “a little bit quiet” that evening. He followed her upstairs because he wanted to make up as they argued that morning about taking the dog to the vets.

He said: “At that point she was still dressed and had her wig on. We both told each other we loved each other.”

Mr Jackson said his wife had never mentioned taking her own life.

His wife didn’t move as he climbed into his side of the bed at 11pm and she still didn’t move when he touched her shoulder.

He asked his daughter, Stacey, to call 999 and together they performed CPR until paramedics arrived.

Mrs Jackson was pronounced dead at her Main Road home on March 29.

Coroner Maureen Taylor said a post mortem found Mrs Jackson died from an overdose of two kinds of tablets, one of them a sleeping pill.

She said a toxicologist was certain Mrs Jackson’s death was not caused by mistakenly taking a second dose of drugs after the first because the levels were so high.

Miss Taylor recorded an open verdict because it was not certain that Mrs Jackson intended to take her own life.