Online knitting store to donate wool to Spalding’s knitting nannas

The nans' peace sculpture is all that's left of their artwork. SG0609207TW
The nans' peace sculpture is all that's left of their artwork. SG0609207TW
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An online knitting store is donating wool to Spalding nannas because its bosses were moved by our yarn about their wool sculptures being destroyed.

We reported last week the yarn bombing nannas’ figures of the Queen and the ‘Cat of Many Colours’ had been vandalised, leaving creators Jan Neale, Carol Usher and Kitty Dickinson (90) in shreds.

Warehouse manager Phil Amatt, who works for Deramores Knitting Store, spotted our story and boss Kristine Kirby says the firm is ready to donate wool so the nannas can go on with their work.

Kristine, Deramores chief executive officer, says her company will be happy to send a “van load” of wool because they have so much yarn, particularly ends of lines, that would help the nans.

Kristine says staff were moved by the nans’ yarn bombing story and she is particularly keen to help because a branch of her family had lived in Spalding and she feels a personal connection to the town.

The nans live in flats at Georgian Court, which overlooks the riverbank where their works covered tree stumps. News of the wool donation has put a smile on their faces.

Carol told us: “It’s a brilliant idea.”

Last week the nans had mixed views about continuing, with Jan saying they were “too upset to think about it”, while Carol struck a note of defiance, telling us: “If we don’t do any more then they (the vandals) will have won.”

Carol said this week they will continue and have ideas for Halloween and Christmas. It was Jan, the nanna dubbed “River Banksy”, who first had the idea of brightening up the tree stumps.

• Our readers Facebook comments included: Tina Young: “The ladies did them in the spirit of fun & friendship! Lets face it Spalding could do with something to cheer people up. Maybe they weren’t everyone’s cup of tea but their intention was to make people smile. :)” Carol Stevens: “Typical! Ladies don’t be disheartened they were brilliant!” Diane Clay: “I thought it was a lovely idea and so much work went into them. There are some miserable mindless people out there.”

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