One way to get 130 more police officers on the street

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POLICE commissioner candidate David Bowles delivers what he says Lincolnshire needs – 130 more officers.

But his computer-generated image is simply part of his campaign for next month’s elections in which he hopes to be elected as the independent head.

The former county council chief executive argues that he has assessed Lincolnshire is some £7m underfunded which would be enough to pay for 130 police officers with support and back-up.

He is joining independents from other rural areas, backed by broadcaster and former Independent MP Martin Bell, and last week presented a protest letter to Prime Minister David Cameron.

Mr Bowles, from Sudbrooke, near Lincoln, said: “As I have looked at finance, I have been absolutely staggered at how badly our force is funded, but not only that it has got worse.”

Police spending was one of the lowest in the country, crime rates were not as low as made out and even higher than Sussex and Kent and there were fewer officers than any other part of the country.

He said he had brought together other rural areas, which are also poorly funded, such as Dorset, Cumbria and North Wales to lobby and work together.

“I hope to build broad support for action throughout the county as a well and hope politicians from all parties will support the campaign,” said Mr Bowles.