One person goes to hospital in Gosberton fire

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Police and fire officers were last night investigating the cause of a fire in Gosberton that saw two people suffering from smoke inhalation.

One person was taken to hospital for a check up after a fire started in gardens and spread to homes in Salem Street.

A fire crew from Donington at the scene shortly before 9pm.

A fire crew from Donington at the scene shortly before 9pm.

The fire caught hold of a shed, fencing and LPG cylinders before spreading to the homes.

Emergency services, including fire crews from Spalding, Donington and Kirton, were called to the scene shortly after 4.20pm.

A spokesman for Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue said today the fire started as a result of an electrical fault in a freezer that was housed in a garden shed.

Also on the scene was a dog van from the fire service investigation branch in Derby and several police cars.

The fire service use dogs to detect possible use of accelerants where arson is suspected.

Emergency services were there for five or more hours.

Salem Street was sealed to traffic while firefighters tackled the blaze and during the investigation into the cause of the blaze.