One of Spalding’s sites of shame

Drapers Place 2010
Drapers Place 2010
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In a monthly feature, Spalding & District Civic Society is sharing with readers a series of pictures showing changes in Spalding over the last 50 years.

It was a quiet town centre square of Victorian terrace cottages just off Abbey Passage.

Draper's Place in Spalding, 1960.

Draper's Place in Spalding, 1960.

It was a most convenient place to live close to all amenities, in affordable houses, just requiring modernisation.

What happened? Total demolition.

What replaced it? Nothing. It has remained an untidy, derelict space ever since, when it should have been an example of urban regeneration.

Demolition was forgivable as it was the fashion of the time. What is less so is the continuing disuse.

We have so many empty spaces just begging for redevelopment. These include:

• the Crescent Sorting Office

• the Bull & Monkee

• the Johnson Hospital

• King’s Road ex-railway land

• the old swimming pool in Pinchbeck Road

• the former Crowson’s site in Bourne Road

• the former Pattinson’s and ex-hospital sites in Roman Bank

• the old Bettinson’s in Holbeach Road... and there are more we could mention.

How can we encourage the owners of these sites to take advantage of the improving property market and build some much needed homes?

It seems so illogical to be expanding the town boundaries into open countryside, on A1 agricultural land, when so many brown field sites with most services in place could be available.

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