One family will save nearly £450 a year on first big switch over

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Results of the UK’s first county-wide mass energy switch is producing yearly savings of £150 for 90 per cent of homes using both gas and electricity.

And one family of five, who live in a four-bedroom house, will save nearly £450 a year thanks to Cornwall Together.

South Holland District Council is about to follow suit with “The Great South Holland Energy Switch” – but consumers must register an interest before November 25 in order to snap up a deal on lower gas and electricity prices.

The Cornish project was run through while South Holland has pitched in with two groups of local authorities using the successful Dutch-Belgian firm iChoosr.

Energy companies will compete to come up with the lowest prices, known as a “reverse auction”, and there will be an auction this month and next.

South Holland District Council leader Gary Porter said: “By switching you will save money. Anybody who pays for gas and electricity can join, so sign up, you have nothing to lose.”

South Holland residents are expected to save between £50 and £200 a year.

So far more than 700 people have registered an interest.

Once the deal prices are known, people who have registered will be sent an offer to switch.

Nearly 10,000 Cornish households signed up for Cornwall Together and four of the major energy companies, British Gas, EDF, E.On and nPower, were bidding. British Gas won the contract for pre-payment customers, but E.ON snapped up three categories for customers who pay by cash/cheque and direct debit (dual fuel and electricity only). Ovo Energy won two green categories.

l South Holland residents can register online (see panel), by visiting the council offices in Priory Road, Spalding, or contacting their ward councillor.