LETTERS: Some happy and some disappointed with MP’s answers

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It was good to see John Hayes give a candid assessment of immigration levels in this area during the recent question and answer session in the paper.

The previous government ignored the concerns of ordinary folk about unsustainable levels of immigration, and it’s good to see Mr Hayes say what people have been thinking for a long time – we must do more to ensure that new jobs go to British people.


Ascot Close


I was most disappointed with the reply given by Mr Hayes to my question regarding any benefits gained by being a member of the EU.

The examples he gave surely did not depend on our being in the EU.

Any responsible country would co-operate in those circumstances.He still has not answered my question satisfactorly.

I would also agree with the point made about the Conservative promise about a referendum on opting out of the E.U. not being kept in the form as promised.

It is no good saying that one would take place if more was being taken away from British control.


via email

I was delighted to See ‘MP’s question time’ in last week’s paper.

I thought Mr Hayes was honest and straightforward in his replies, and the article has confirmed my belief that he has always worked hard for this area.

His replies about immigration and police funding were open and frank, and I am very happy with the job he is doing representing his constituents in Westminster.


Hereward Way

Deeping St James

Thank you for your comment, Mr Hayes.

Does “sovereign lock” mean that: a) we won’t have to pay pensions for people who have never contributed to our economy; b) An increase in VAT cannot be imposed; and c) our athletes will not have to wear the EU flag during the Olympics?

But, can I please have an answer to my original question? Why cannot we have a referendum on whether or not we have to stay in the EU. Your concise reply will be appreciated.

Ann Matthews