LETTER: Will Anglian Water ever fix awful pothole?

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EARLIER this year, probably in February or March, Anglian Water did some late night pipework outside our group of four bungalows.

The road was dug up, the works were completed and the hole hastily filled gone midnight.Within a few days the hole they filled up began to sink.

I rang Anglian Water and reported this in the hope they would send a repair crew to fix it and ring me back. Within ten minutes, an Anglian Water van was there. They looked at the hole, sprayed around it in blue paint and left never to return.

Needless to say nobody rang back as they promised to.

On August 31 I rang them again. I pointed out the hole had got deeper and told them heavy vehicles such as buses and lorries which went over it made horrific thudding noises. I said these noises vibrate into our bungalows shaking the whole place and causing things inside to rattle.

From around 6am to gone 10pm every night for the last few months the thudding has got worse, the vibrations inside are getting louder, and one among us appears to have a damaged ceiling as a direct result of the constant vibration and thudding.

Goodness only knows what it’s doing to the foundations or to the buses and lorries judging by the noise coming from their axles.

Someone promised to look into it again and said they’d ring me back. I’m glad I didn’t hold my breath!

In between this, I rang Lincolnshire Highways Department and told them of the situation. They too took notes and have also done nothing despite me telling them it was Anglian Water who dug it up and who filled it in.

My questions to Anglian Water are these: Does anyone anywhere in this dreadfully disorganised chaotic couldn’t-give-a-damn utility know what’s going on, and when, if ever, is this dreadful pothole of their own making ever going to be fixed?

Living with all-day thuds is driving all of us mad now, and it’s time someone, somewhere, got off their overpaid, fat backside and sent some navvies to fix the damn annoying thing.

Or will we have to wait for a mains to burst, or our bungalows to fall down, or vehicles losing front and rear axles before anyone in Anglian Water responds? I’ll not hold my breath for a response.


St Thomas’s Road