LETTER: Why is Holbeach ‘travellers’ site being used for static park homes?

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AFTER reading the article in the Lincolnshire Free Press (July 26) regarding the ‘travellers’ site at Holbeach, apart from South Holland District Council doing what it does best – squandering millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money on building this place without even knowing how much the land was going to cost – do they actually know what a ‘traveller’ is?

It is a person that travels, taking their home from place to place.

Now if this is so why is this site being used for so many static park homes?

Does this now mean that all folk that have retired to proper park home sites will now be classed as travellers? I am sure they will be overjoyed.

It is high time the council prioritised and spent money on necessary things instead of wasting it on pie in the sky ideas.