LETTER: Why don’t any outdoor sports figure in Spalding leisure plan?

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WITH reference to the report on the £10million plan for the Castle Sports Complex by Andrew Brookes (Lincolnshire Free Press, July 26).

The report refers to plans that are currently being drawn up on a £10m investment for the town’s sporting facilities to take us to 2020 and beyond.

What surprises me is that according to the sports and leisure portfolio holder Coun Howard Johnson the authority has been taking its time to get the plans right, although the plans would exclude facilities for athletics, tennis and football.

I would have thought with so much money being invested into the project a sports for all approach under the same umbrella would have been the main feature for the complex to provide good quality facilities for the community and surrounding areas of Spalding.

Surely this would be getting it right for the long term investment for the next 30 years?

Another option would be to refurbish the current complex to a higher standard that would provide a quality service without the high cost of a total rebuild project.

If football and other outdoor sports have been left out of the development, does this give hope to the Sir Halley Stewart Playing Field which is in need of a total refurbishment to bring football into the 21st century for the town?


Carrington Road