LETTER: Why did the county council let care home go to seed and what on earth will they do with the building now?

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As the son of parents in their mid eighties, I am disgusted with the situation at Halmer Grange.

Everyone accepts that due to the economic crisis we all have to save money in any way we can. However, several points are raised about this planned closure.

1. Why was the home allowed to deteriorate so badly that one million pounds would have to be spent on it to bring it back up to standard?

2. What will happen to this building now? Will it be allowed to stand idle and go to ruin, or sold off cheaply to a property developer?

We are told that the population is getting older and living longer. Is this then, the right time to be selling off our assets?

A short while ago it was reported nationally that many councils had millions of pounds invested in foreign accounts.

Now I am not party to whether that included Lincolnshire County Council, but I presume that money was invested for a ‘rainy day.’ Well, in my opinion, it is a ‘rainy day’.

To close Halmer Grange and other residential homes across the county is false economy. The planners need to look at the bigger picture, and do some serious forward planning.

It may cost a million pounds today, but that could be small change compared to what it will cost to replace it in a short while when one in four of us live to be 100.

If our county has money stashed away in foreign banks, I suggest we draw some of it out and use it to the benefit of the residents of Lincolnshire.

Peter Edward Long

Belvedere Close