LETTER: Who deserves prison – a paedophile or pie flinger?

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AFTER reading your article (Spalding Guardian July 28) in respect of Colin Simpson and his 14-week ‘suspended’ jail term, owing to his collection of child pornography, I am struggling to reconcile that outcome with the six-week term which must be ‘served’ by the Rupert Murdoch foam pie attacker.

I acknowledge in the latter case that parliamentary process must be followed; however, the decision to foam pie Murdoch must be placed in the context of gross misconduct by the media and as a ‘stunt’ to draw further attention to the issue.

Mr Simpson on the other hand has shown a complete disregard for the law and a child as young as 11, yet his term is suspended.

I and every parent in the land would surely question as to why the state deems it appropriate to send a foam pie flinger to jail yet the paedophile walks.