LETTER: When will they realise that the taxpayers pay their wages?

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ON July 26 I emailed the chief executive of South Holland District Council (Terry Huggins) regarding the cost of the land payable to Lincolnshire County Council for the land on the A151 site.

I was ignored.

I wrote a reminder about three weeks later together with a request under the Freedom of Information Act.

I received a response from one of his staff employed by Breckland District Council.

The essence of his communication was that it was a commercially sensitive subject and he was sure that I would understand why the information was not released. I have had no response from the district council under the F.O.I. request.

However, I also wrote to Lincolnshire County Council for the price paid and received a response that an agreed figure of £114,000 subject to contract.

When will the employees at South Holland realise that it is the taxpayers who pay their wages?

To not reply shows a total disdain and contempt for the local electorate. That goes for the chief executive as well.

The truth will out eventually.

I was under the impression that this had all been sorted out for about £40,000. No wonder South Holland didn’t want the taxpayers to know!

Howard Huett

Northons Lane