LETTER: What about a poker venue in Spalding?

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I have seen over the last few weeks your reports about various ideas and plans to try to regenerate Spalding, and bring in new business and leisure facilities to the area.

I have a suggestion for Richard Garvie, of Sustainable Spalding, to consider – a poker venue.

Poker is one of the biggest growing sport and leisure activities in the world at the moment and there is a large British community.

There are only limited venues throughout the UK and none locally.

Anybody interested in playing poker, other than at home, has to travel at least 50 miles to get a professional dealer dealt game – to my knowledge, the nearest place is Nottingham.

My vision would be something along the lines of the Dusk Till Dawn club at Nottingham, a poker room with restaurant and bar.

There is a thriving poker community locally and a club like this would attract people on a regular basis from areas such as Peterborough, King’s Lynn, Boston and Grantham.

I am sure some people will say this is just promoting gambling.

It is gambling, though not chance, it is a game of skill, as recently ruled in a French court. Maybe this is an idea for Matt Clark to get involved with too, as it is probably an ideal venture for his type of leisure business.

Richard Gregory