LETTER: We worked hard to make Holbeach look better

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We are just two of the volunteers (non parish council) who have tried very hard to make Holbeach look attractive this year and were very upset to see the letter of complaint in the Spalding Guardian (July 14).

We have put in many hours of work over the past few months, with a lot of people stopping to say how nice it all looked and it would have been good to see a letter of appreciation in the paper rather than the critical one.

In answer to his question about the plants, there were approximately 3,000 plants bought as plugs. These were potted on by the volunteers and ultimately finished up in the baskets, troughs, tubs and open spaces seen around Holbeach.

After we had given up our free time to plant up everywhere, someone took great delight in putting weed killer on five of the tubs in the churchyard, killing all the plants in the tubs.

Not content with that attack, the troughs near QD were sprayed with an unknown substance but luckily most plants survived this attack. Obviously someone did not appreciate our efforts.

Is there anyone out there who does like to see the town looking good? If so, please speak up before we all hang up our tools for good.


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