LETTER: We know we can do better!

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We are the Holbeach in Bloom team and this year we have been successful as Pride in Holbeach, returning from the East Midlands in Bloom presentation in Oadby in Leicestershire with a silver award.

We know we can do better! We now have more idea where we are losing valuable points and would like to see if we can achieve higher marks next year when the presentation of awards will be more local at Springfields, Spalding and therefore we will be really flying the flag for Holbeach.

We are changing our image and that starts with our name. We are now “Holbeach in Bloom” which we feel is more fitting and will let people know exactly what we are all about.

We are changing our meeting times to the evening in the hope of attracting more helpers to join our friendly group.

The first meeting will be held at Holbeach United Social Club, Park Road, Holbeach, at 7pm, on October 3, where we will be discussing what we do and how we are hoping to achieve a better result in 2012.

We would like to stress that the new Holbeach in Bloom will not be closely connected to the parish council.

Everyone will be equal and everyone’s ideas will be welcome, which is why we have changed our name and venue for meetings.

We hope as many people as possible come to this first meeting so that they can see for themselves that we are a friendly bunch who like to have a laugh as well as getting the job done and we want to totally remove ourselves from the stuffy, formal image we have acquired in the past.

Loraine Walker and

Carol Johnson

Holbeach in Bloom