LETTER: Using success to relaunch Red Lion shop is a joke

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Well Coun Worth is pleased to take the plaudits for Lincolnshire being voted winner as the UK’s favourite food producer.

However, I wonder what did the great councillor actually do? Maybe vote? I certainly did. As I was encouraged to do by the professional marketer employed to drive votes to the site and a great job Hayley did. But to use this as a platform to re-launch the Red Lion Quarter is a joke.

Surely the council, who I am told have no authority over the Red Lion Quarter, should steer well clear as their current involvement is a disaster. When will public bodies realise that they have no place in an entrepreneurial area?

The council has overseen, what is, when all is said and done, a corner shop, they have employed a firm of not for profit consultants and wonder why the place is a mess.

The shop is singular and has failed at every level. Could anyone ever tell me who was the target customer? What level of per visit spend did they expect? Where is the on-street marketing? Where is the media advertising?

The staff have my upmost sympathy, as working for this shambles is clearly a test of character.

Maybe the council should hand over the centre to professional business who will I have no doubt will make this a success. However I suspect as Peter Rex has pointed out, they will still draw their salaries and stick their collective heads back in and pat themselves heartily on the back for a job well done.

Jason Johnson

Vestey Foods UK Limited