LETTER: Unhappy with life in Holbeach

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DoES Tesco Holbeach think that it is acceptable for the building contractors who are working on the latest store improvements to be digging up concrete with heavy duty drills after 10pm night after night and to maintain the constant noise way past the hour of midnight?

I can only describe it as the rumble of an earthquake without the tremors.

I and my fellow neighbours live behind the store and I know I can speak for them in asking where was our letter of warning and an apology for any disturbance that may be caused during this time?

I would also like to say thank you to the very kind people who think that our private drive is a dog toilet.

While walking back from town this morning I was met with a huge pile of dog mess which had been deposited right under a sign saying: “This is a private driveway – no fouling.”

If I had your address I would love to bring my dog round so he can leave you such a nice gift also.

Sharon Goodley

Boston Road South