LETTER: Tax payers have been let down by those involved with new bypass

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I DO not believe that speed cameras and traffic calming is the route to take on such a new road as the A1073/A16 Spalding to Crowland.

The road has potential to be much safer and speed efficient than the one it replaces.

While I have sympathy for anyone injured in a collision, it has to be said that the road will sit there all day and night without causing an accident. Collisions only occur when two drivers decide to use the same piece of road at the same time. Driver education is what is needed, not more restrictions.

With the expertise and technology available this should be the most superbly designed stretch of road in the county.

It is time the councillors and engineers responsible for the decisions, design and construction of the road became accountable for what we have finished up with and not hide behind computer modules, consultations and what the road safety partnership comes up with. They all play a part but are no substitute for local geography, experience and common sense – something that seems to be lacking the more qualifications someone obtains.

It’s true that a straight road can contribute to accidents but did it really need so many bends over such a sparsely populated part of the flat Fens?

While considering flat, why is it that when travelling south from the Cowbit roundabout the road rises and the cars in the Queens Bank area disappear as they go under the bridge? This has the potential for vehicles to be overtaking in each direction and not see each other until dangerously close.

The situation happens again between the Hulls Drove and Thorney Road junctions.

This is only on the half of the road that is currently open – goodness knows what surprises lay in store from Crowland to Dogsthorpe when that eventually opens? I’ve already spotted what looks like a pedestrian crossing with traffic lights on a 60mph stretch.

As for the missing roundabout at the B1166 junction there is no excuse, cost or otherwise, for this omission only the future will tell.

I would suggest this road has taken half the time again to construct than it would have done 15-20 years ago because of health and safety legislation to protect the workforce.

What about the health and safety of the people who use the road daily? Do they not count?

So come forward all those involved and admit you could have done better and the complete stretch would now be open for all to use.

This is not best value of public funds and in these times of austerity the tax payers have been let down.


Lincolns Avenue

Gedney Hill