LETTER: Sustainable Spalding making it hard for council

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Nice to see that the B & M store has occupied the old Co-op store in town.

It was quite packed when I visited and I would assume that in keeping with current trends, the townspeople will be canvassed along the same lines as Sustainable Spalding would do to see if people want it.

In saying that, I note yet again Sustainable Spalding have ‘earmarked’ a few sites for their supposed ventures and three ‘preferred sites’ are along main roads into Spalding, as reported in the Lincolnshire Free Press on July 12.

Not one word, of course, which seems to be consistent, as to if Sustainable Spalding actually owns all or any of these sites quoted and, joy of great joys, the managing director himself will begin visiting homes shortly to find out people’s views.

If by that he means all of the Spalding area, it could be a few years in the process, allowing for anyone at work or in the bath when he arrives as he seems to be a ‘one man band’ operation, as I note no other ‘board members’ have ever been quoted.

If this is the case, perhaps sound advice would be to pack a decent set of sandwiches and a big flask of drink for the task ahead, more so with winter not far off.

Oddly no names of the quoted parties wanting to open up for business in Spalding are ever quoted and I note that since my observations on the ‘call centre in Nottingham’ that was rooting to come, it seems to have been deleted from his latest portfolio and also had the same background of not being able to be named.

I must admit that if the land by Texaco and McDonald’s is snapped up or any of these ventures, I might be inclined to put in for planning permission for a monorail from Springfields to this site with a ski lift during the winter plus outline planning permission for a 24-hour drive through flat pack corset centre... but I am of course unable to actually name anyone.

I must admit I feel sorry for South Holland District Council as it must be hard enough to attract outside businesses – real ones – with all this bizarre stuff from Sustainable Spalding, which does not seem to have an address or telephone number in the town and makes you wonder how ‘supermarkets and multiplex cinemas’ knew where to find this concern as B & M seem to have done well without their input.

John Ward

Moulton Seas End