LETTER: Spalding School of Dance’s latest show was spectacular

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WE would like to thank The Spalding School of Dance for the wonderful dance show Flash Back staged at the South Holland Centre.

Nearly 400 students, aged from two years, entertained audiences at six performances from Thursday to Sunday evening.

The production, which was to a high professional standard, was spectacular, and judging by the smiles on the faces of all the dancers, they enjoyed themselves as much as the audience.

We were enchanted by the talent of the singers and the dancers in various genres, including ballet, tap, modern, jazz and hip-hop.

Along with all the students at the school, our daughter was given the chance to take part, and many parents gave of their time to assist backstage and care for the children.

As parents, it was obvious to us how much effort, hard work and time went into the show, and we would like to give a special thank you to Miss Claire, Miss Eleanor and Mrs King for making the show what it was.

We look forward to the next one!



Weston Hills