LETTER: So now we can all follow the despicable public act of man who defecated on hedgehog

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WELL, it’s official. One now has authority from the court, in the form of District Judge John Stobart, to empty one’s bowels in a public place provided one does it “out of sight”.

I clear up dog faeces on a daily basis, either in my garden or on country walks, but my dog rarely fouls public pavements – he’s been taught not to.

As a retired school caretaker I have also cleaned up my fair share of human excrement from school premises because some person with ‘significant alcohol problems’ has seen fit to use the school grounds during the night.

I know which I would sooner clear up.

Defecating in public places seems to be on the increase, especially on the banks of the Coronation Channel, which is where I frequently take my dog for a walk.

For those readers who are unaware of animal natural instincts, most, including domestic dogs, can increase their ‘street cred’ with dogs of the opposite gender if they can enhance their body odour. Parfum de rotting fish or human excrement are favourite ‘because they’re worth it’.

I am pleased Victor Ford was fined £200, including costs and surcharge, for his despicable act, but will he pay up?

No doubt the majority of your readers believe Scotland is a start, but still not quite far enough away from Spalding.

The next time my dog rolls in human faeces that have been left somewhere “out of sight” I think I will take him to District Judge John Stobart to look after until the smell dies down.