LETTER: Sit around a table and sort out marina

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So there’s a proposal to build a marina on the Nene at Sutton Bridge.

To my mind, a brilliant idea that can bring nothing but benefit to boaters and locals alike. However, it does looks as if the plan is also to breach local flood defences.

It should be obvious that the danger of flooding is real. So please tell me I’m also missing something obvious as I have difficulty comprehending those supporting a plan that breaches flood defences.

It reminds me of the story of a man who jumped off the roof of a tall building and on his way down was heard to say “It’s alright so far, it’s alright so far…”.

Can someone also help me understand why an acceptable compromise that addresses both needs hasn’t already been found?

So here’s the obvious suggestion to interested parties…

Sit around a table and find a solution that delivers the marina whilst maintaining the integrity of our flood defences.

If you can’t find one, nip across the channel to the Netherlands; I’m sure the Dutch have cracked this problem a hundred times over.

Andrew MacDonald