LETTER: Reporter failed to adopt school’s spin on possible sports field sale

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I was very disappointed that, despite my clear explanation to (reporter) Tracey Sweetland, she either failed to grasp the picture or has deliberately put an unnecessary spin on her article about developments of sporting facilities at the School (Lincs Free Press, July 19, page 3).

The governors have worked tremendously hard over many years to improve the facilities at the Grammar School for the benefit of the students and the local community.

The sports hall, playing fields, the school hall, drama studio, new business centre and the new atrium are extensively used by local community groups, clubs and individuals for activities ranging from Zumba to wedding receptions, to sports festivals.

The funding to develop these facilities has come from grants, generous donations from ‘old boys’, local businesses, and parents, and by the governors using the assets that benefactors have, over the school’s long history, given to the school.

The current focus is to look at improving the sports facilities at the school through an all-weather sports pitch with changing facilities which will have tremendous benefit to the local community, including the rugby club as well as our students.

I suggest the article should have been constructed around this message. Any development at the school will be focused around improving sports facilities. This has been a development issue for the governing body for many years.

The governors are at the initial stages of exploring options including how it might be financed.

As always we will discuss options with all interested parties to maximise the benefit any new facilities will have for the school and the community, being mindful of the ‘nimbys’.

I appreciate that distorting the truth can help sell newspapers, but would hope you had the journalistic integrity to want to write accurate articles.



Spalding Grammar School

EDITOR: We are not ‘spinning’ anything, merely highlighting something of concern to our readers.

This is borne out in comments on our website, in which the public show their concern at the possibility of losing another open space.

You seem to be using your own spin by suggesting the article should have concentrated on plans for an all-weather pitch (which we highlighted in our second paragraph).

Finally, all my reporters write with accuracy and integrity. Tracey just didn’t use the ‘spin’ that you wanted her to.